River Sand

Mainland got its start in the aggregate supply industry in 1970, when they began selling dredged Fraser River sand from the Fraser Surrey Docks (what is today the Timberland Rd. depot). In recent years MSG has added two more sites for dredged river sand – the No 5 Rd. depot and the Port Kells depot.

River sand is used in a variety of applications such as,

  • Pre loads
  • Grass Playing Fields
  • Sub-grade fill
  • Top dressing sand for golf courses

One of the primary uses for river sand is for pre loading. This is due to its weight conversion from cubic metres to metric tonnes. River sand consistently weighs between 1.55 and 1.65 tonnes per compacted cubic metre. When compared to other sand products like bank sand or pit sand, river sand holds a 10 – 20% weight advantage, which can add up to big savings by reducing the number of tonnes required to achieve a certain volume.